Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our cruise blog! This mission is part of the US GO-SHIP Repeat Hydrography Program. GO-SHIP brings together an international network of scientists interested in the physics, chemistry, and biology of the interior oceans to contribute to the global ocean and climate observing system. Through this program, we occupy a worldwide grid of hydrographic sections on approximately a decadal timescale, in an effort to study changes in physical oceanography, the carbon cycle, and marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems.

This mission will occupy the P16N section along the 152 meridian in the Pacific Ocean between Tahiti and Kodiak, Alaska. The last time that this section was occupied was in 2006, when a decadal change in the ocean carbon content was noted for the North Pacific (Byrne et al., 2010), based on another previous occupation of this line in 1991. This was the first basin-wide observation of ocean acidification. On this occupation, we are paying careful attention to the corresponding chemistry, monitoring the changes in these and other related carbon data.

Throughout our mission, we will periodically be posting here about the specific projects and scientists we have on board, representing 20 institutions, and general ship-board life. We are particularly encouraging our young sailors and students to share their experiences with you. You’ll also hear regularly from me, our mission’s chief scientist, and Samantha Siedlecki, our co-chief scientist as we report on our progress.

To get us started, we have had the best of weather that the sub-tropics can offer, complete with calm swells, sunny days, and starry nights. It makes it easy to look forward to the rest of the trip.

Fair winds and following seas,

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